Bunker Combat Games, Located in Exeter

The Bunker is a unique and exciting combat-game centre on the outskirts of Exeter and is set within the atmospheric grounds of a WW2 RAF Bunker and a Cold-War Nuclear Bunker. We offer Paintball Games, Laser Tag and SplatBall at great prices with a friendly, professional service.

The Bunker is child friendly, but is also a grown-up combat venue, offering a variety of experiences for all age groups and tastes, from light-hearted fun to intense grudge matches.

As well as our purpose-built, multi-level, indoor game maps, we also have exciting Urban-Styled outdoor maps that ensure variety and maximum fun. Our facilities are also second to none.

The venue is operated by UCZ Paintball Parks who have been delivering quality combat games to Devon for over 20 years.

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Intense CQB Paintball

Not for the faint hearted! Paintballing at The Bunker involves intense Close Quarter Battles within our genuine WW2 indoor environment and gripping Paintball Combat in our Urban Styled outdoor game fields. Get off your console and try a first-person shooter the way it was meant to be played!

£30 pp
Indoor LaserTag Arena

Our hugely popular LaserTag arena is set within a genuine Cold War Nuclear Bunker and features a variety of game formats and the very best equipment. We cater for Parties, Groups, Schools and Work Events. Affordable, fun, safe. Pre-Booking is essential.

from £135 per group
Low-Impact Paintballing

Low Impact, fun-focussed paintballing for the younger or more cautious player. We have a variety of packages available for ages 8+. Using the very best spring-loaded paintguns available and featuring an unintimidating and exciting introduction to the sport of paintball. Set prices - no extra ammo surprises!

from £155 per group

 New SplatBall Low-Impact Paintballing

Contact: 01392 464 032. Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00. Viable Ages: 8-88. Location: Exeter. Games: PaintBall, LaserTag, SplatBall
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